23 March 2019 Pakistan Day: most important day in Pakistan history

Pakistan Day 23rd March 2019 most important day in Pakistan history

Pakistan Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the Lahore Resolution, which was passed on 23 March 1940 and later on the same date in 1956, when its first Constitution was adopted, transforming it from a Dominion to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
The Muslim League held its annual session at Minto Park in Lahore that lasted from the 22nd to 24th of March 1940. During this event, the Muslim League led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other founding fathers narrated the events regarding the differences between Hindus and Muslims, and moved the historical resolution that cemented the formation of a nation-state in South Asia as Pakistan, even though the original documents did not actually mention Pakistan at all. The concept was approved but the name, suggested by Chaudhry Rahmat Ali, came later.
The day is commemorated by a grand parade in the federal capital. The provinces, various industries and latest weapons are displayed aboard gaily decorated floats; the event concludes with a fly past and aerobatic display by airborne military platforms including fighter jets, helicopters, UAVs and parachutists.
Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947 and faced numerous challenges, vicissitudes and calamities but has survived to claim its place in the comity of nations. India refused to hand over the weapons, funds and other assets of the undivided sub-continent while a mass exodus of refugees, forced to flee their homes in India heading for the promised land, added to the woes of the fledgling state. Rehabilitating them with limited resources was a daunting task for the fledgling state.
The day is commemorated by a grand parade in the federal capital. The provinces, various industries and latest weapons are displayed aboard gaily decorated floats; the event concludes with a fly past and aerobatic display by airborne military platforms including fighter jets, helicopters, UAVs and parachutists
First Kashmir War 1947-48, 1965 and 1971 Pak-India wars not only took a heavy toll of lives and property but the latter resulted in the severance of its eastern wing. Pakistan’s detractors deemed it a basket case, military coup d’états and political turmoil upset the applecart of democracy but Pakistan survived and has progressed.
Soviet Union’s invasion of neighbouring Afghanistan in 1979 brought the Red Army to Pakistan’s doorstep. Islamabad aligned with Washington DC to train, equip and launch Muslim volunteers known as Mujahedeen to wage a successful guerrilla war against the Soviets. In 1989, the Red Army withdrew but left destruction in its wake, which resulted in tribal wars, chaos and turmoil in Afghanistan and scarred Pakistan too.
In 1998, Pakistan was forced to cross the nuclear threshold by a belligerent India declaring to the world that Pakistan was in possession of nuclear weapons to uphold its security.
9/11 exposed Pakistan to a fresh challenge when US led NATO forces attacked Afghanistan and commenced the war on terror. Pakistan threw its lot with the allies but has had to face the brunt of terror attacks, which resulted in a death toll of seventy thousand precious lives and heavy financial losses. Gravely, Pakistan has been blamed for sponsoring terrorism because many of the terror leaders including the al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden sought refuge in Pakistan. The armed forces of Pakistan have launched numerous military operations and turned the tables on the terrorists.
Despite such serious challenges, Pakistan has managed to progress in the fields of industry, agriculture, information technology and defence production. The industrial sector has managed to stand on its own feet and continues to support Pakistan’s economy. Weak political governments and corruption have marred economic growth, yet Pakistan appears to have put the bad years behind and displayed a GDP growth of 5.3 percent at the end of 2017. After a weak performance in 2016, the Agriculture sector picked up and showed a growth of 3.5 percent due to better sugarcane, cotton and maize crops. The services sector grew by 6.0 percent, surpassing the target of 5.7 percent. The growth of industry is estimated at 5.0 percent. Pakistan has achieved macroeconomic stability in the past three years: the fiscal deficit has shrunk from eight percent to below five percent, international reserves have tripled to over $18b, and the rate of growth has increased by a full percentage point to 4.7 percent.
In the realm of defence production, with joint venture projects like Main Battle Tanks, Frigates, Subs and Fighter aircraft, Pakistan is poised to enter in the field of indigenous production, export of defence equipment as well as self reliance in this vital sector. The happy communion of the private sector with defence production is yielding rich dividends.
The advent of China Pakistan Economic Corridor brings the promise of an economic windfall in the shape of the operationalization of the strategically located deep sea Gawadar Port, communication infrastructure including roads, railways and air links, Special Economic Zones, fiber optics, energy hubs, educational and vocational training institutions, health, trade and commerce facilities promise a bright future for Pakistan.
Pakistan’s mainstay, its youth, has broken numerous records of innovative achievements and made the nation proud. Women and minorities, who were once considered sidelined, are now contributing their fair share in nation building.
Sports suffered a handicap because owing to terror attacks, international teams shied away and Pakistan was forced to host events on neutral grounds. After turning a major corner in the war against terror, not only is international sports returning to Pakistan but the national teams in different disciplines, have won major events, keeping the green and white ensign of Pakistan proudly aloft.
Pakistan boasts of a rich cultural heritage. The federal as well as provincial governments, realising the rich dividends that can be achieved via showcasing its culture, are promoting Pakistan’s traditional heritage abroad to enhance its soft image.
An era of accountability has commenced. It is hoped that across the board accountability will rid the nation of corruption, sleaze and perfidy and the nation is endowed with clean leadership.
In the final analysis, Pakistan Day is an experience worth reliving, since despite its detractors’ machinations, it is a success story of which every Pakistani is proud.
Pakistan Day in Pakistan
Pakistan is the most diverse country in the world. We vehemently celebrate its rich diversity in all our political speeches, and sometimes on our streets too. If some people are hurt, literally or emotionally, or even get killed during such celebrations, that’s not a big deal.
Our celebrations, like our independence and defence, are and cannot be without sacrifices.
To understand the implied philosophy, logic, and sense (and all these three in one para above), you must be a male, a Punjabi, a well-off urbanite, and last but not the least, a Muslim – and that too the right type of Muslim.
If you are none of the above, don’t waste time reading a wrong type of piece, on the wrong type of site, or being and living in the wrong type of country. Go to India or Afghanistan (but not China).
The point is that we are the most unique republic on earth, and have every reason to be proud. If you are not proud, or feel it hard to pretend pride, you are not one of us.
While we all know and celebrate Pakistan’s rich diversity (i.e., Pakistan’s rich’s diversity), we reserve the right to as often and as conveniently ignore it as and when diversity doesn’t suit us. This is democracy, so no hard feeling to those who don’t fit ‘us’.
And ‘us’ being the non-diverse MUMPs – Male, Urban, Muslim, Punjabis. Quite like the mumps virus, we too get activated to regulate what goes in the body politick of the mother land.
And why not; what else is democracy, if its not a rule of the minority in the name of a majority, where the former ensures every one else feels like a minority and hence remain in check!
The world can certainly learn from us more than we can learn from the world. This piece is about one specific aspect of our unique greatness.
What makes a country or a nation great is its history. We knew this from the beginning, actually even before the beginning. Therefore, first we made our history, then went for the country, and then for the nation.
No one has, or can try that sequence. Americans tried it but failed. However, if they engage our services, even a major of our premier agency can help then with that in a week’s time.
We did it because of our superior ability to view, conceive and imagine history like a dream, as well as like a movie.
Dream is something you all know a thing or two about, but movie making is something that few know. So let me first teach a key thing about movie making, which can give it a feel of a dream.
Its called non-linear-editing, which means a story telling and presentation which doesn’t necessarily follow chronological order, or any order. It can go back and forth, and thus keep the mind and attention of viewers engaged, entertained, amused, and enchanted and captivated.
In this piece I will only give one example, because its after all an opinion piece not a thesis. If you want more examples, please consult ISPR.
This example is about the making and celebrations of the Republic Day, i.e., the 23rd March.
In the 70 years of Pakistan’s history as a country (and please don’t confuse that with the history of Pakistani nation, which is much older), we have only celebrated about 62 Republic Days.
We decided to celebrate 23rd March as our Republic Day after we passed the 1956 Constitution.
In those days, Pakistan like many other countries had very high child mortality rate, so the poor Constitution could not see its 3rd birthday. Field Martial Ayub Khan decided to have a field day, and abrogated this nascent piece of document.
In 1959, when March came, his advisors had a huddle to deliberate what should be done on the Republic Day, because the Constitution this day stood to celebrate was not there any more.
Thus came the genius idea of dream sequence of history through a non-linear-editing. We went back 19 years and dug out something which was very close to 23rd March (i.e., 24th March) in 1940 – the day Lahore Resolution was passed. We renamed it Pakistan Resolution, and lo and behold a Pakistan Day was ready to be screened country wide.
As I said in the beginning, we are a unique republic; so empowered that we can make any day our day. So happy Republic Day. Let’s keep it up; and may we make many more days, our days!
Pakistan Day is a public holiday in Pakistan to remember the Lahore Resolution on March 23 each year. The word “Pakistan” was never used but the Lahore Resolution is considered a major milestone in the Muslim struggle for an independent state in undivided India.

What Do People Do?

Pakistan’s national flag is hoisted on public and governmental buildings at dawn on Pakistan Day. A 31-gun salute in Islamabad and a 21-gun salute in provincial capitals are fired. A change of guard occurs at the mausoleums of Muhammad Iqbal (commonly known as Allama Iqbal) and Muhammad Ali Jinnah (commonly known as Quaid-i-Azam or the Supreme Leader), followed by garlands being laid.
A main feature of Pakistan Day celebrations is a parade at Constitution Avenue in Islamabad. An award ceremony is organized where the president gives military and civilian awards to recognize recipients’ achievements and contributions to Pakistan.
Pakistan Day festivals, parties, national songs and debate competitions are featured throughout the day, which sees many people spend time with families, friends and loved ones.  Pakistan Day specials are broadcast on radio and TV. Special prayers are offered for peace and prosperity.

Public Life

Pakistan Day is a public holiday in Pakistan on March 23. Government offices, banks, post offices, educational institutions and businesses are closed, except for some multinational organizations.
Public transport is also limited on this day, and may be completely unavailable on certain routes. Many people visit recreational spots on Pakistan Day, so traffic congestion is common in big cities.


The roots of the struggle for independence of British India can be traced back to the uprising of 1857 which started off as a rebellion of the British East India Company soldiers but soon took the shape of a freedom struggle and caused a major threat to Company Raj (Company Rule) in an undivided India.
Leaders such as Sir Syed Ahmed Khan worked tirelessly for the political, social and economic uplifting of Muslims that comprised of 25 to 30 percent of the total population of British India. In a Muslim League annual session in 1930, Muhammad Iqbal, a poet and philosopher, put forward the ideal of Muslims being a separate nation. Iqbal is accredited for weaving the Two-Nation theory, an ideology that eventually made the creation of Pakistan possible.
The Two-Nation theory stated that Hindus and Muslims were from two different nations. Muslim culture, tradition, religion, ideology, morals and language were all distinctly different from Hindu ideals. Both nations (Hindus and Muslims) shared mutually contradicting beliefs. Therefore, an autonomous state consisting of Muslim majority areas of British India was demanded to protect Muslims’ political, social and cultural rights.
In a Muslim League general session from March 22 to March 24, 1940, Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other party leaders unanimously rejected the idea of united India, endorsed the Two-Nation Theory, and called for a separate Muslim homeland. The Lahore Resolution was supported by all major Muslim Leaders of the time.
Pakistan gained independence from British rule on August 14, 1947. Nine years after Pakistan’s creation, the first constitution was implemented on March 23, 1956. March 23 was initially meant to celebrate the adoption of the country’s first constitution and its transformation as a republic. The constitution of 1956 was annulled by the military government of Ayub Khan in 1958 and March 23 became a day to commemorate the Lahore Resolution of 1940, which eventually led to the creation of Pakistan.


Minar-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Minaret) is a minaret (a type of tower) in Iqbal Park in the city of Lahore. It was built to venerate the Lahore Resolution. The minaret is constructed where the Lahore Resolution was passed. This monument symbolizes a blossoming flower and reflects the blissfulness of independence.

Pakistan Day Observances

Note: During a public holiday, government offices and most businesses are closed so people have a day off work.
Holiday currently only shown for years 2005–2018.
WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday Type
TueMar 232010Pakistan DayPublic Holiday
WedMar 232011Pakistan DayPublic Holiday
FriMar 232012Pakistan DayPublic Holiday
SatMar 232013Pakistan DayPublic Holiday
SunMar 232014Pakistan DayPublic Holiday
MonMar 232015Pakistan DayPublic Holiday
WedMar 232016Pakistan DayPublic Holiday
ThuMar 232017Pakistan DayPublic Holiday
FriMar 232018Pakistan DayPublic Holiday
Pakistan (Islamic republic of Pakistan) is greatest Islamic Country in this world. Pakistan was founded by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 14th August 1947. Pakistan has brief history like the main concept of Pakistan was kept by Allama Muhammad Iqbal in 29th December 1930, The name Pakistan was declared in 28th January 1933 by Chaudhary Rehmat Ali, Pakistan Resolution was passed in 23rd March 1940. Pakistan was established as Islamic Republic in 23rd March 1956. In this article we will discuss the Lahore resolution which also known as the Pakistan Resolution 1940. Lahore Resolution which is famous as the Resolution of Pakistan was passed in 23rd March 1940 in the Minto Park which now-a- days is known as Iqbal Park of Lahore. The Lahore Resolution day is also known as Republic day.It is a national holiday in Pakistan to admire the Lahore Resolution day {23 March 1940} and the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan during the transition of the territory of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 23 March 1956 making Pakistan the world's first Islamic republic .The people of Pakistan celebrate 23rd March every year to remember the Lahore resolution day .The Lahore Resolution day parade by the armed forces is a common celebration for the event. The day is celebrated in the memory to commemorate the event when the Muslim League drafted the political resolution at the Minar-e-Pakistan,that called for establishing an independent federation comprising provinces with Muslim majority located in north-western and north-eastern region of British controlled territories in India on 23rd March 1940. Main celebrations are held in Islamabad– the capital of Pakistan .On 23rd March the President of Pakistan is usually the Chief Guest of the event .News channels cover the whole event live. The holiday include a full military and civilian parade in the capital, Islamabad regarding the celebration. The event is held early morning. The celebration are well managed by armed force.

“Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us” - Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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  3. Pakistanis are a lucky nation because they get almost 16 official holidays
    every single year. This is a huge number. Some countries, like Mexico, only get 7 annual holidays. That’s almost half of what we are getting. Feeling lucky already?

  4. 23rd March is celebrated as Pakistan Day across the whole country. This day is also known as Youm-e-Pakistan. The day is a commemoration of our resolution day
    that happened on 23rd March 1940 in Lahore.