Ufone Call Packages 2019 for Hourly, Daily, 2 Days, 3 Days, Weekly, 15 Days and Monthly

Ufone Call Packages 2019 for Hourly, Daily, 2 Days, 3 Days, Weekly, 15 Days and Monthly 
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Ufone Call Packages 2019 for (Hourly, Daily, 2 Days, 3 Days, Weekly, 15 Days and Monthly) use, permit Prepaid/Postpaid endorsers of appreciate Ufone call bundles to all systems, Ufone on-net/off-net call bundles and some more. Ufone clients can enact all Data, SMS and Voice packages by essentially downloading My Ufone App or in the event that you need to buy in to any bundle straightforwardly, it would be ideal if you dial your coveted bundle initiation code or you can check finish subtle elements of all call bundles recorded beneath. 

The organization has presented different call bundles. Subsequently, we have accumulated all most recent Ufone Call Packages 2019 at one place just to give our perusers the simplicity to pick any bundle that best suits them as indicated by their need and additionally spending plan. These exceptionally planned groups incorporates U to U Call Packages, Ufone Call Packages to any system for 24 hours, Ufone 1 Rupee hour Call Packages, Ufone One hour Call Package, Ufone Call Packages for 2 hours, Ufone Super Call Offer and some more. 

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Here is a refreshed rundown of Ufone Call Packages 2019 | Hourly, Daily, 2 Days, 3 Days, Weekly, 15 Days, Monthly) for Prepaid/Postpaid Subscribers. You can read full article or basically tap on the titles beneath to hop directly to your coveted area:
  1. Ufone Call Packages Hourly
  2. Ufone Super Call Offer
  3. Ufone Call Packages Daily
  4. Ufone Call Package 2 Days
  5. Ufone Call Packages 3 Days
  6. Ufone Call Packages Weekly
  7. Ufone Call Package 15 Days
  8. Ufone Call Packages Monthly
  9. Ufone Postpaid Packages 2018
  10. Ufone Prime Postpaid Packages
  11. Ufone Postpaid Supercard Package
  12. Ufone Postpaid Call/SMS Package
  13. Ufone Conference Call Service
  14. Ufone Postpaid Bill Inquiry
  15. Ufone Postpaid Advance Balance Code
  16. Ufone Other Postpaid Call Bundles
Ufone Prepaid Call Packages 2019:
In this section, Prepaid subscribers can find all latest and updated Ufone Call Packages 2019 for hourly, daily, 2 days, weekly, 15 days and monthly usage plus there’s a bonus package also which is called Ufone Super Call Offer. Please find details below:

Ufone Prepaid Hourly & Daily Call Packages

Prepaid Hourly Call Packages

Ufone has different hourly call packages at different rates. Here are the details about prices and activation codes of all hourly call packages.
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
1Power HourRs. 7.17+taxDial *99#60-net minutes+60 SMS+10 off-net min+60 MB
3Uth Student OfferRs. 3Dial:*202#Unlimited Ufone calls in just Rs. 0.75/hour
4Dabangg Hour (valid for ‘Uth’ package customers only)Rs.3.99 incl. taxDial:*212#Unlimited on-net calls+Unlimited SMS+Unlimited MBs

Ufone Prepaid Daily Call Packages

Ufone daily call packages are affordable including other incentives such as SMS and internet MBs.
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
124 Ghanty OfferRs 11.99+taxDial *2424#Unlimited on-net minutes
2Super Sasta PackageDifferentDial *5678#Ufone and PTCL Rs. 0.90+tax/30 seconds. Others Rs. 0.90+tax/30 seconds. SMS local Rs. 2.03 (incl. Tax) SMS International Rs. 5+tax. Internet (2G & 3G) Rs. 2+Tax /MB
3Din Bhar OfferRs. 7 incl.taxDial *445#Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers from 9am-5pm
4Super 5 OfferRs. 5+ taxDial *5252#Unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL, Vfone+Unlimited SMS(valid from 5am-5pm)
5Daily Pakistan OfferRs. 18 incl. taxDial:*888#Unlimited on-net minutes+Unlimited MBs

Ufone Prepaid Weekly Call Packages

There are two Ufone Weekly Call Packages including Asli Chapphar Phar Offer and Weekly Pakistan Offer.
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
1Power Pack (Asli Chapphar Phar Offer)Rs. 80 incl.taxDial *5050#100 on-net mins+100 SMS+1000 MBs
2Weekly Pakistan OfferRs.100 inlc.taxDial *8888#Unlimited on-net minutes+100 MBs

Ufone Prepaid Monthly Call Packages

Here is the complete list of Ufone Monthly Call Packages at different rates.
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
1Super CardRs 499Load Ufone Super Card1000-net minutes+1000 SMS+150 off-net min+1000 MB
2Super Card PlusRs 599Load Ufone Super Card Plus1200-net minutes+1200 SMS+200 off-net min+1200 MB
3PTCL to UfoneRs. 150+taxDial 1236 from PTCLUnlimited calls to all Ufone numbers
4Din Bhar OfferRs. 150+ taxDial:*4455#Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers from 9am-5pm
5Monthly Pakistan OfferRs. 418 incl. taxDial:*8888#Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers+ 400 MBs

Ufone Prepaid Call Packages

In addition to hourly, daily, monthly and weekly call packages, Ufone also offers 15 days, 2 days and 3 hours call packages.
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
1Super Mini Card (15 days validity)Rs 299 incl. taxLoad Ufone Super Mini Card500-net minutes+500 SMS+75 off-net min+500 MB + 500 SMS
2Super Recharge (2 days validity)Rs 40 incl. taxLoad Ufone Super Recharge300-net minutes+300 SMS+10 off-net min+30 MB
33 pe 3Rs. 5 incl. taxDial:*343#Unlimited calls for 3 hours to all ufone, PTCL, vfone numbers(except 5pm-9pm)

Ufone Postpay Call Packages 

Other than Prepaid Call Packages, Ufone also offers a number of Prepay Call Packages to the postpaid customers. However, there are only monthly postpay call packages available.
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
1Ufone TalkvilleRs. 500Send SUB to 250010,000 on-net mins
2Unlimited PTCL bucketRs. 100+taxSend SUB to 75008000 mins to Ufone, PTCL, Vfone numbers
3Off-net Freedom BucketRs. 1000+taxSend SUB to 65001000 off-net minutes
4Postpay Super LoadRs. 999*6699#2000 on-net min+2000 SMS+2000 MBs+300 off-net mins
This was all about Ufone Call Packages. In the next story, we will talk about Ufone 3G Internet Packages.


The location based call packages include two different kinds of packages. Find the details below.
Mera Shahar Offer
If you pick the Mera Shahar Offer that is available in Rs. 9.99, you are free to make unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone in 24 hours. The activation codes and the cities details are as under.
City for PackageActivation Code
AJK (Azad Jammu & Kashmir)*366#
Dera Ghazi Khan / Rajanpur*91#
Dera Ismail Khan*363#
Mandi Bahauddin*395#
Peshawar / Charsada*360#
Rahim Yar Khan*90#
Sheikhupura /Nankana Sahib*371#


Some Super offers for particular cities are available for Ufone users. You can make unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone in 24 hours. Here are the details about them.
OfferPriceHow to Activate
Super Karachi OfferRs. 7.99 + tax*2200#
New Multan OfferRs. 7.99 + tax*061#
New Sukkar OfferRs. 9.99 + tax*071#
Sawabi OfferRs. 3 + tax*938#
Mardan OfferRs. 3 + tax*937#
Jhang OfferRs. 3 + tax*047#
PakpattanRs. 3 + tax*457#
SheikhupuraRs. 7 + tax*056#
KasurRs. 7 + tax*049#
LodhranRs 3 + tax*0608
BahawalpurRs 3 + tax*062#

Ufone Postpaid Call Packages

Ufone brings some mind blowing packages for its postpaid users too. Here you will find them.
PackagePriceHow to ActivateDetails
Ufone TalkvilleRs. 500Type SUB and send to 2500You get 10,000 on-net minutes
Unlimited PTCL bucketRs. 100 + taxType SUB and send to 7500You get 8000 minutes for Ufone, PTCL and Vfone
Off-net Freedom BucketRs 1000 + taxType SUB and send to 65001000 off-net minutes
Postpay Super LoadRs. 999 (Tax included)*6699#2000 On-net minutes, 300 Off-net minutes, 2000 SMS and 2000 MBs

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