Ufone Internet Packages – 3G, 4G Daily, Weekly, Monthly Data Bundles

Ufone Internet Packages: Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly


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Ufone Internet Packages – 3G, 4G Daily, Weekly, Monthly Data Bundles
Ufone Internet Packages – 3G, 4G Daily, Weekly, Monthly Data Bundles

Ufone is giving exceptionally aggressive 3G 4G Mobile Internet Packages.No question, Ufone has presented new administrations for its clients and has won their hearts. With a specific end goal to encourage the clients, Ufone is putting forth every day, week by week and month to month web bundles as indicated by their necessities. These distinctive Ufone Internet Packages offer alternatives to clients with the goal that they can without much of a stretch satisfy their prerequisites. Ufone is simply giving 3G 4G Services to its clients, here is the rundown of Ufone 3G 4G Packages.

Ufone Internet Packages

Internet packages include Ufone Prepaid daily, weekly, monthly, 3-day and social data internet packages. Following are the four Ufone Prepaid Daily 3G 4G Internet Packages/bundles.

Ufone Internet Packages

These include Ufone Prepaid daily, weekly, monthly, 3-day and social data internet packages. Here are the details:

Ufone Daily 3G Internet Packages Prepaid

Following are the four Ufone Prepaid Daily 3G Internet Packages/bundles.
Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Daily light bucket104024 hours*804#UNSUB to 8804
Daily heavy bucket157524 hours*8042#*4804#
Special daily bucket55001 AM- 09 PM*810#UNSUB to 7810
Mega Internet bucket122GB1 AM – 8 AM*550#*550#

Daily Ufone Internet Packages

Bundle PriceVolumeSubscription Code
Daily LightRs. 1040MB*2256#
Daily HeavyRs.1575MB*2258#
Special Daily
01 AM- 09 PM
Mega Internet Bucket
1 AM – 8 AM
*Free Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & Line for all except Mega Internet Packet. In case the customer is using Mega Internet Bucket and Super/Mini Super Card simultaneously then usage against freebies will be charged from Super/Mini Super Card volume.
This the Ufone 3g package for 3 days. You can directly subscribe it on your number directly from Ufone Website.
Bundle PriceVolumeSubscription Code
3 Day BucketRs. 25100MB*3350#

Weekly Ufone Internet Packages

These are the weekly Ufone 3g packages. find the best one according to your requirements. You can directly subscribe it on your number directly from Ufone Website.
Bundle PriceVolumeSubscription Code
Weekly LightRs. 50250MB*7811#
Super InternetRs.1001224MB*220#
Weekly Internet PlusRs.1503072MB*260#

Monthly Ufone Internet Packages

Thes are the monthly Ufone 3g packages. find the best one according to your requirements. You can directly subscribe it on your number directly from Ufone Website.
Bundle PriceVolumeSubscription Code
Monthly LightRs. 2501024MB*7807#
Monthly HeavyRs.5003072MB*803#
Monthly MaxRs.100010,240MB*5100#

Social Data Buckets- Ufone Internet Packages

These are the social data bundles of Ufone 3g packages. find the best one according to your requirements. You can directly subscribe it on your number directly from UfoneWebsite.
Bundle PriceVolumeSubscription Code
Social DailyRs. 5100MB*4422#
Daily ChatRs.510,000 SMS
+ Unlimited Whatsapp
Social MonthlyRs.50Free Usage on
Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp.

Ufone Weekly 3G Internet Packages 

There are only two Ufone Prepaid Weekly 3G Internet Packages available. The packages automatically expire after a week, so there are no “UnSub” codes. Here are the details:
Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Super Internet100102424 hours*220#N/A
Weekly Light bucket5025024 hours*7811#N/A
Weekly heavy bucket12550024 hours*7815#N/A

Ufone Monthly 3G Internet Packages Prepaid

Ufone provides three options for Ufone Prepaid Monthly 3G Internet Packages. The packages automatically expire after a week, so there are no “UnSub” codes.
Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Monthly 1GB Bucket2501,02424 hours*7807#N/A
Monthly 3GB Bucket5003,07224 hours*803#N/A
Monthly 10GB Bucket1,00010,24024 hours*5100#N/A

Ufone 3-Day 3G Internet Packages Prepaid

Besides Ufone Prepaid Daily, Weekly and Monthly 3G Internet Packages, there is also a 3-days 3G internet package available.
Bucket NamePrice (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
3-day bucket2510024 hours*3350#N/A

Ufone Social Data 3G Internet Packages Prepaid

Ufone also offers special Social Daily and Monthly Prepaid 3G Internet Packages for free usage on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.
Bucket NamePrice (Rs)TimingSubscription CodeUNSUB CodeDetails
Social Daily Bucket501 Day*4242#UNSUB to 5444Free usage on Facebook, WhatsApp &Twitter.
Social Monthly Bucket5030 Days*5858#N/AFree usage on Facebook, WhatsApp &Twitter.

Terms & Conditions for Ufone Prepaid 3G Internet Packages

  • All buckets are valid for prepaid customers only
  • Buckets can be subscribed by dialing *3#
  • Dial *706# to check the remaining balance of Prepaid 3G buckets. However, dial *707# to check the remaining balance of Social Data Buckets. Standard charges apply.
  • Multiple subscriptions of the same bucket are not allowed.
  • Weekly 3G Bucket is allowed for multiple subscriptions.
  • All daily Mobile Internet Buckets are recursive, buckets can be unsubscribed by dialing respective un-subscription codes.

Ufone Postpay 3G Internet Packages

Other than Prepaid 3G Internet Packages, Ufone also offers a number of Prepay 3G Internet Packages to the postpaid customers.
Bucket NamePriceVolume (MB)Validity (days)Subscription Code
Postpaid 1GB300102430*4547#
Postpaid 3GB700307230*805#
Postpaid 5GB1000512030*7550#
Postpaid 10GB12001024030*8550#

Terms & Conditions for Ufone Postpay 3G Internet Packages

  • All buckets are valid for postpaid customers only
  • Buckets can also be subscribed by dialing *3#
  • Dial *4545# to check the remaining balance of the buckets
  • Multiple subscriptions of the buckets are not allowed.
  • Dial *7701# to deactivate 3G on your connection.

Other Ufone 3G Internet Packages

In addition to above packages, Ufone also offers following 3G Internet Packages:
Package NamePrice (Rs)VolumeValiditySubscription CodeDetails
3 Day Hybrid Bundle30+tax30MB3 days*5353#300 min (U-U/PTCL/Vfone), 300 SMS, 30MBs
Mega Internet Offer991GB1am – 6am*550# N/A

Ufone Internet Packages: Uth Pack

Uth Pack is a part of Uth Package. Uth Pack offers three type of packages: My Pack Offer for voice calls, SMS Bundles (daily, weekly and monthly) and Mobile Internet Offers (daily, monthly and super monthly internet packages). Here are the complete details of Ufone Daily, Monthly and Super Monthly internet packages/bundles.
Uth Pack users at the time of subscribing Daily Mobile package will have the choice of subscribing Daily Bundle on Auto re-subscription or to subscribe a Daily manual (one day) Bundle. In the case of Daily Mobile Internet package, SMS on Short Code 6850 with Keyword SUB. You will get a reply asking to reply with 1 for Daily Auto Bundle or 2 for Daily Manual bundle.
NamePrice (Rs)VolumeTimingSubscription CodeUNSUB Code
Daily Lethal Surfer1050MB24 hours68506851
Monthly Pro Surfer1501.5GB30 days6860N/A
Monthly Heavy5004GB30 days6870N/A
*Monthly subscription will automatically expire after 30 days.

Ufone Super Internet Package

Ufone Super Internet Package is another internet bundle offered by Ufone. It offers 1 GB internet for a week for just Rs. 100/-. This is the best weekly internet package provided by Ufone.
Price: Rs. 100/-
Validity: 7days.
Terms & Conditions for Prepaid Internet Packages
  • The above-discussed internet packages are only for prepaid users.
  • If you want to subscribe any package, just dial *3# to know more.
  • Dial *706# to know the remaining volume of your bucket except for Social Data buckets.
  • Dial *707# to know the remaining volume of Social Data buckets.
  • If you have subscribed to one bucket, you cannot subscribe to another bucket at the same time. To activate another bucket, unsubscribe the previous one and then move ahead.
  • The users are allowed to subscribe to multiple buckets while using Weekly 3G Buckets.
2G & 3G Internet1024 MB

Limitations of Ufone Mobile Internet Packages

  • Multiple subscription is allowed (Monthly & Super Monthly)
  • Multiple subscription is allowed only in case of Daily Manual bundle, No of MBs will increase but expiry will be 24 hours from subscription (Daily)
  • Bundle and short code access only allowed for “Uth Pack” brand
  • Auto-subscription not offered i.e. Subscription will expire after 30 days (Monthly & Super Monthly)
  • The users on other Ufone packages will not be allowed to avail this bundle

Ufone Mobile Internet Package Inquiry

Uth Pack users will be able to check Mobile Internet remaining balance of the subscribed bundles through:
  • Shortcode: 6821 @ Rs. 0.50+Tax or
  • Dial *706# @ 20paisa+Tax.

Ufone Mobile Internet Package Info

Uth Pack users can get information on Mobile Internet bundles offer on the package through:
  • Command: ‘info’
  • Short Code: 6837
  • Charges: Rs. 0.50 + Tax
This was all about Ufone 3G Internet Packages. If we have missed anything do let us know. If you want us to write about anything else, do mention in the comments below.

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